Cowboy Psalms

There have been cowboy poets for about as long as there have been cowboys. Might have something to do with all the long hours they spend with a horse as their best friend, and confidant. Winston Churchill said, "There's something about the outside of a horse that's good for the inside of a man." Ron Secoy says, "God's love is like a good horse on which you can depend. Strong, true, and sure footed." In a time when it has become so fashionable to cast God aside, Ron shows the way to enjoy a great ride.
The Cowboy, The Creation and The Creator
Face was worn like a good saddle
This gentleman of the old west
Ruddy and wrinkled by age
By the sun and wind caressed
His speech a lumbering drawl
Punctuated by cowboy verbs
Could talk all night about horses
Yet a man of just a few words...
History and literature may very well record
His life, his times, his ways and more
And the special bond that exists between
The Cowboy, the Creation and the Creator

Campfires, Cattle and Cowboys

Campfires, cattle and cowboys
Once graced the old Chisholm Trail
From Texas to Kansas through Oklahoma
A glorious part of the western tale

Them punchers drove those dogies
Through the dust, heat and rain
At sundown campfires, cattle and cowboys
Settled down for a night on the plain
Though tuckered out, hungry and dry

The cowpokes would sing a tune
Of campfires, cattle and cowboys
‘Neath the glow of a Comanche moon
Around the cooking fire with their grub

The poets would pass the time
About campfires, cattle and cowboys
Sagas spoken eloquently in rhyme
Now that has been some time ago

Are the campfires, cattle and cowboys gone?
Not as long as the cowboy exists
And he able to utter a poem or a song

Cowboy at Heart/Tales from the Trail
My new book is out.  You'll like the format.  Cowboy poetry, scripture and commentary.  Call it a devotional if you like, I call it a labor of love and inspirational. Ride with me and the Big trail Boss as we ride up the trail, gathering the strays and pointing the way to not only the end of the trail, but the life after the end of the trail.  Now available at Aamazon, Tate Publishing or directly from me.

Gene Autry 109th Birthday Party at Gene Autry Oklahoma Museum

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2nd Annual
Campfires, Cattle and Cowboys

Chisholm Trail Heritage Center
Nov 18, 2016 Duncan OK

Headliner: RJ Vandygriff
Moderator: Jay Snider