From Wikipedia: Cowboy poetry is a form of poetry which grew out of a tradition of extemporaneous composition carried on by cowboys on cattle drives and ranches. After a day of work cowboys would gather around a campfire and entertain one another. Illiteracy was common, so poetic forms were employed to aid in memory.
From this original cowboy poetry tree many branches have grown into many different forms of music and poetry over the years. Ron Secoy is one of the many later day cowboy poets that come from a new branch of the poetry tree, known as Cowboy Christian Poets, of which I am proudly one. This new cowboy poetry includes Christian values while paralleling verses from the Bible. As a Veteran and Christian you will find both common threads exhibited in his books, including loyalty, hope, faith and dedication.
Ron’s newest book “Cowboy at Heart”, actually speaks to cowboy and non-cowboy alike as well as women. His words will speak to the reader’s heart as they ride with him down the varied trails of life. This is Ron’s third book and he just keeps getting better with each verse he writes.
Take a journey with Ron and the Big Trail Boss and discover the Cowboy Christian Poet way as you open your mind and listen to the words that speak to your heart along the way.
Michael Gasaway
Acclaimed Author of “Desires of Your Heart” and “Angels and Cowboys”