Ron Secoy's first volume of Christian cowboy poetry, Cowboy Psalms, was written in 2011.  Being the first it's like a young colt, a little untamed and wild - raw if you will.  But that rawness is also coupled with some pretty good poetic discipline.  It's highly authographical and contemporary in content. 
Ron weaved the Good News into most every poem.  His purpose, not to be preachy, but to allow the cowboy mind an insight into the Big Trail Boss.  Hoping, as he says, "to gather a few strays along the way and encourage those who are on the trail.
To get a personalized copy of Cowboy Psalms, send $15 in check or money order, payable to Ron Secoy, 272826 Gatlin Road, Duncan OK 73533.  Turn around is usually within a week.
There have been cowboy poets for about as long as there have been cowboys. Might have something to do with all the long hours they spend with a horse as their best friend, and confidant. Winston Churchill said, "There's something about the outside of a horse that's good for the inside of a man." Ron Secoy says, "God's love is like a good horse on which you can depend. Strong, true, and sure footed." In a time when it has become so fashionable to cast God aside, Ron shows the way to enjoy a great ride.
From Adam and Eve to trucker Johnny Wilson to the outlaw and Amazing Grace, with great cowboy wit and charm Ron shows the goodness of man, the kindness of God and the value in doing the right thing. Each poem carries a valuable message, but never a sermon.
His poems are like song lyrics, they'll ring in your mind as he takes you on trips through time and journeys to cowboy camps and hearts. One of my favorites is "Attitude". With it Ron deftly recites the thoughts of two ol' boys on a drive; one miserable and complaining about his horse, the long drive and the dust; the other grateful not to be afoot, and thankful the rain had quit. In a neat little ditty he titled "Cowboy President" Ron points out that love of God and Country is still important and should go hand in hand.
He'll get you thinking about those who came before you, your family and friends. You'll hear the thoughts and prayers of son's, daughters, mothers and fathers, soldiers, truckers, American Indians, cowboys, horses and dogs. You'll shed a tear for the wolf he named Lakota.
Ron's Cowboy Psalms celebrate everything from Calvary to our Founding Fathers, to a good meal, or horse or friend. I think you'll enjoy this entire collection of Christian cowboy poetry.
God Bless
Dutch Henry
Dutch Henry Bio
Dutch Henry is a freelance writer and novelist.  He has three published books, "We'll Have the Summer", "Toma Named by Horse", and  "It's for Horses".  Dutch contributes to any number of horse related magazines and gives clinics on horse therapeutics.