Didn't start down this trail 'til 'bout 2010.  We visited Chisholm Trail Cowboy Church in Duncan, Oklhoma.  The message was the same but the surroundings, atmosphere and services a bit different.  The gospel for the cowboy and folks that are cowboy at heart was what we got.
There is probably a whole slew of factors that led us back to that church but I would like to think that the Big Trail Boss just decided he needed some more wranglers.  It wasn't long before we were On the Trail - my euphemism dor following His lead.  The Bible says to pick up our cross and follow Him.  Don't know if our saddles and horses qualify but we had the overwhelming desire to want to be involved with the roundup of the cowboy in our area through the church.
During that time I had lots of new and different notions.  One was that we were to start a cowboy church.  I pursued that in prayer, witness and getting educated about the process but I know now I wasn't meant for that drive.  The Big Trail Boss had a different trail for us.  So I stopped trying to bust that bronc and let him take the reins.
Inspiration, direction and purpose came in the form of Ken Howry and what I call Christian cowboy poetry.  Ken recited some poetry one Sunday and from then on I have had the itch to write.  Writin' lead to readin' in church.  Readin' lead to a whole pile of poetry.  That mess of poetry lead to publishin' a couple of books.  That publishin' lead to readin' poetry at churches, libraries and groups.  The readin' led to the recitin', most recently at the Campfires, Cattle and Cowboys Gathering at the Chisholm Trail Heritage Center in Duncan, Oklahoma.
So it has gone On the Trail with the Big Trail Boss.  I like to say from a 3 piece suit which I wore at Central High Baptist Church to cowboy boots which by means of Christian cowboy poetry has taken us many places and to many people.  What a difference!  What a ride.
Still writin'.  Got a new book, "Cowboy at Heart", penned. Just released my first CD "Cowboy Psalms".  I am in the process of editing and lookin' for a publisher.  Not to worry.  The Big Trail Boss provides liberally and with timing.
For more of this story, I'll blog in Jawin' time to time.  My hope for you all is the same sentiment I use to sign my books.  "God Bless and Happy Trails.

Books can slso be purchased at
The Chisholm Trail Heritage Center, 1000 Chisholm Trail Parkway, Duncan OK 73533
or from their online store at onthechisholmtrail.com

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